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Space Invader

Mixed Media: Fiber Optics, Glass, LED with controller and Swarovski crystals, fire polished crystals, translucent paint.


32” high x 24” wide


Technical Specifications

  • This piece is controlled by a preprogrammed controller with 132 different programs. It comes with a remote that works up to 50 feet away that is used to change programs, adjust the speed, pause it or turn it off and on.

  • The LEDs are all rated for 50,000 hours, so if you use it for about 5 hours a day it will last at least 27 years and uses only 30 watts, so it is incredibly energy efficient and inexpensive to run.

  • The controller on this can be switched out for a DMX compatible controller so it can be integrated into a DJ’s lighting system.




Video on YouTube

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