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Jellies in the Sky, Cacti in the Water

Scottsdale Waterfront Canal, AZ

November 2014 - Feburary 2015

Commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art


This installation is about the celebration of life through water.


Koenig has taken bioluminescent sea creatures from the deep ocean and put them into the sky above the desert. Then she took desert plants, barrel cacti and yuccas from around the canal,  and put them into the water. As the water flows down the canal the colors of the barrel cacti change through all the colors of the rainbow. In the same way the yucca grow and flower as they flow downstream.


The patterns on the barrel cacti are inspired by the patterns in Native American basket weaving and sand painting of the area, the geometry in dream catchers, and the local plants and animals.


This installation is as different in night and day as the world is above and below the water, though at all times it is a surrealist painting brought to life.


Featured on the cover of Where Phoenix + Scottsdale Magazine November 2014.


All pieces are also available for individual sale or rental.


See more about the making of this installation at

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